Product design

We create personalised model solutions to meet your personal requirements.

For us, design means meeting our customers’ requirements in the best way possible whilst advising them on a one-to-one basis. It means collaborating
with our customers and developing ideas to realise state-of-the-art product solutions with the focus remaining on future-oriented function and design.

We provide you with project assistance in all stages of product development from the conception of the idea up to its realisation.

Design advice

design advice by T.Fuchs
Design consulting relies on trust. Whatever your concerns about the development and design of your product, we are at your disposal.

Whether your idea is wholly new or simply the redesign of a product that’s already on the market. The earlier you involve us, the smoother the product development process will be.

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Ideas, sketches

product design sketches
Behind every product is the urge to create something new. By visualising your innovation using sketches and im-pressions, we show you what the outcome will be

Drafts, depictions

product design drafts
Once your ideas have become a little more definite and the functional specifications have been drawn up, the sketches also become more definite and are presented in the form of drafts and depictions.


product design models
These can take many different forms. Depending on the specifications and development status, we can create foam models to compare proportions, functional models to test ergonomics and technology, and design models to determine the final appearance of the product.


product design
Once the drafts have been cleared and the model approved, it is the job of design engineers to skilfully implement the specifications.

Samples, prototypes

product design samples
Using the design documentation, designs are realistically implemented to create samples and prototypes. They help to pinpoint and eliminate any possible discrepancies.