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"fuego" in metal version

As a useful addition to the "fuego" series of success carts, we now also offer storage plates and spacious plates in metal version.

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  • 3024.1
  • 3022.1
  • 3023.1

New „bravo“ models

Take a look at the new bravo brochure and discover many new cart models. Or would you like a special "bravo" cart,
just as you wish? So let us know.

In the current type lists we also offer you a wide range of new products from different product groups Opens internal link in current windowproduct overview.

If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us.
+49 (0) 711 / 78314-0

Super offer fuego-cuatro

Today, we offer you practical ECG carts at particularly interesting prices.

fuego-cuatro ECG trolleys from HAEBERLE combine elegant, modern optics with proven practicality and unrivaled maneuverability.
In our offer you will find different equipment variants. The carts are designed to accommodate the KISS suction system and the Strässle 
suction system DT 80/100. Delivery without suction units.

We would be happy to make an offer for you. Please contact our sales department  +49 (0)711 / 78314-0.


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  • 19601-04
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New in the HAEBERLE product range

We are constantly working on our product range to provide our customers with the best solutions. In
some product groups, we have expanded the range with new products and additional system components.

In the undefinedproduct list you get a quick overview and all articles are available immediately.

If you have any questions regarding the products or prices, please contact the HAEBERLE consultant
team  +49 (0)711 / 78314-0


Dear customers,
dear ladies and gentlemen 

From November 14th to 17th, 2016 the international medical community of
MEDICA will meet again in Düsseldorf and we will gladly invite you to visit
us at our HAEBERLE stand in hall 13 / A11.

With pleasure we would like to present you some new and interesting product
solutions on the subject mobile work stations.

This time, the focus is on the subject of „bravo“- individual design. Based
on common ideas let us develop a special cart for you.

We are already looking forward to your visit.


„bravo“ - individual design

New LED lamps

Halux LED F 7-P
Ref. no. 05522

The robust LED examination lamp meets all important criteria
for precise examinations. The spring balanced swivel arm
enables quick positioning and the lamp head has a double-wall
casing for optimized cooling.

Halux LED F 7-P
Visiano LED S
Visiano LED S

Visiano LED S
Ref. no. 05521

The LED examination lamp has a slimline design with ergonomic
handle and a bright, homogeneous light thanks to unique diamond
optics. This lamp convinces with its excellent illumination intensity
and a large light field.

Culta LED S
Ref. no. 05523

The glare-free light and extra large light field provide maximum
reading comfort. The LED reading lamp has a satin-transparent
lampshade and harmonizes with any interior design.

You will find more lamps and technical descriptions
in the brochure and in the type list.

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Culta LED S
Culta LED S

News for "08/16" basic trolley

The popular multipurpose trolleys from the series "08/16" are now available in a
ideal writing height and have at the same time a height of 1000 mm.

The 1000 mm high "08/16" carts are retrofitted at any time and can be equipped
with up to seven drawers.

Ref. no. 05075
08/16 - basic trolley 45, dimensions 490 x 450 x 1000 mm (w x d x h)

Ref. no. 05065
08/16 - basic trolley 60, dimensions 600 x 450 x 1000 mm (w x d x h)

08.16 basic cart
08.16 basic cart

New holder for 4 dispenser boxes

Holder for 4 dispenser boxes 05074 for wall mounting 

made of brushed stainless steel and suitable for
4 common dispenser boxes of disposable tissues
or gloves.

The holder is also suitable for fastening to the
HAEBERLE carts „swingo“ ref. no. 05071,
„toro“ ref. no. 05072 and „keo“ ref. no. 05073.

Holder for 4 dispenser boxes
Holder for 4 dispenser boxes
Certificates DIN EN ISO
Certificates DIN EN ISO

Current certificates

The company HAEBERLE stands for highest quality standards
which are continuously being further developed.

This certifies the audit company DQS GmbH according to the
certificate registration no. 524821 QM15, 524821 MP2012.

The certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 confirms that a quality
management is introduced and constantly being applied:
undefined DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

This certificate approves that the quality management is allowed
for the production of medical products.
DIN EN ISO 13485:2012 + AC:2012

Injection set COMPACT
Injection set COMPACT

New dispenser systems

Injection set COMPACT 
Ref. no. 04879 

To complement the proven COMPACT dispenser series with 3 syringes
compartments, we deliver from now the new dispenser model with 4
syringe compartments for storing another one size of syringes.

  • Dispenser for syringes
    Dispenser for syringes
  • Dispenser for canulas
    Dispenser for canulas

Dispenser for syringes and canulas with tiltable boxes  2 - 6 - 9 

Ref. no. 05016 
Dispenser for syringes 2, with 2 big tiltable boxes, 600 x 246 x 353 mm (w x d x h)

Ref. no. 05017
Dispenser for canulas 6, with 6 small tiltable boxes, 600 x 75 x 113 mm (w x d x h)

Ref. nr. 05018
Dispenser for canulas 9, with 9 small tiltable boxes, 600 x 51 x 77 mm (w x d x h)

“bravo“ - Happy Winner

During the presentation of the new equipment cart series „bravo“ at the
MEDICA 2015, we have raffled an artistically designed „bravo chameleon“
cart by the Sprayart Designer, Marco Stolz (Stuttgart, Germany).

The happy winner of the unique cart model is Mr. Resch of the company
HAUSER Medizintechnik GmbH, Austria.

In this context, we say many thanks to all other contributors for the plentiful
participation in the HAEBERLE raffle.

And if you still dream of an extravagant equipment cart - so just give us your
preferences and we will be happy to create together with you your special
dream cart.  

  +49 (0)711 78314-0

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„bravo chameleon“ winner
Frame on top for keo
Frame on top for keo

New for equipment carts „keo“ and „toro 63”

Frame on top
Ref. no. 20186

made of polished stainless steel, to ensure the devices during
maneuvering the carts. Easy to care, sturdy, non-corrosive.

Dim.: 631 x 485 x 100 mm (w x d x h)  

New products

Holder for dispenser boxes
Ref. no. 11222 or 11223

made of brushed stainless steel and suitable
for 1 to 3 common dispenser boxes of disposable
gloves or tissues.

Holder for dispenser boxes
Holder for dispenser boxes
Sensor dispenser
Sensor dispenser

Sensor dispenser

Ref. no. 14136 or 11140

with hygienic sensor technology for contact-free
operation of liquid disinfectants.

Suitable for “Hospicar” trolley or for wall mounting
and for other cart systems


ISO module medication dispenser

Ref. no. 18400

suitable for ISO module pull-out
and “keo” trolleys with roller blind.

Medication dispenser for 7 days
each with sliding lid and 4 movable

ISO module medication dispenser
ISO module medication dispenser
Fresh linen and multi-purpose trolley
Fresh linen and multi-purpose trolley

Fresh linen and multi-purpose trolley

Ref. no. 05170

made of chrome steel 18/0 with
tubular frame and 3 shelves.

Dim.: w 850 x d 540 x h 930 mm

Folding console “slide”

Ref. no. 14280, 14296 or 14205

Height-adjustable and foldable console
made of wood-plastic or sheet steel for
wall mounting or for lateral fastening to
“Hospicar” and “keo” trolleys.


Folding console 'slide'
Folding console 'slide'
Waste collector 'tomo'

Waste collector „tomo“

Ref. no. 11026 or 14066

Capacity 10 litres, with detachable lid and mount
for wall mounting, different trolley systems or for
standard profile rail.

Made of smooth and easy to clean plastic.


Other new and estimable products can be found quickly online in our current type lists Opens internal link in current windowProduct overview

Better is better: Chassis „fuego cuatro“ now for all fuego models

fuego is our very practical and universally usable equipment cart series for small device combinations. And because
mobility is the key today, we sell from now only fuego carts with the more manoeuvrable, dynamic chassis “fuego cuatro”
with 4 steerable castors.

Our sales team likes to advise you.  +49(0)711/78314-0

fuego type list
undefinedfuego brochure


  • 30071 fuego-c sonography cart
  • 30081 fuego-c endoscopy cart
  • 30061 fuego-c ergometry cart 2

Optimal working position by a comfortable lift function

The equipment cart series fuego is equipped with an elegant lifting version now.
Thereby differently tall persons can work relaxed and have the choice between
a sitting or standing working position.

Enjoy all the specifics now live on video!

Are you interested in further cart configurations with height adjustable function? 
Please ask us!  +49 (0) 711 / 78314 -28, -30, -72

         Features of the lift function:

  • Mechanical and steplessly variable height adjustment from 70 to 100 cm
  • Smooth and exactly adaption of the movable carrier unit
  • Releasing and fixing of the position by an easy lever operation
  • Loading capacity of the lift unit up to 7 kg, optional up to 11 or 15 kg

  • fuego-cuatro with lift for laptop
  • fuego-cuatro PC trolley with lift
alegro-monitor carrier system

alegro-monitor carrier system

At the international design competition FocusOpen 2011 the
monitor carrier system „alegroreceived a silver award for it’s
high functionality and it’s perfect handling.

With “alegro” one or more monitors or panel pc’s can be
arranged one above each other or side by side.

Cables can be integrated optimally inside of the carrier
profile or with cableclips along the swivel arms.

Perfect adaptation options to all requirements in medicine,
industry as well as different technical areas

alegro-table model on aluminium-traverse


alegro-monitor holder on aluminium-traverse

Click-clack-fit! So easy monitors can be set exactly.

Table model with profile bearing cup
Load capacity: monitors up to 4 kg

Ref.-Nr. 25070


alegro-table model on round rod


alegro-monitor holder on round rod

Table model with rod adapter 

Load capacity: monitors up to 12 or 18 kg

Ref.-Nr. 25080 (up to 12 kg)

Ref.-Nr. 25081
(up to 18 kg)


Electrical accessories

The electrical programme offers you an extensive range of articles matching to the HAEBERLE equipment cart systems: 

> Standard multiple socket outlets
> Modular multiple socket outlets and cabling systems
> Isolation transformers
> Equipotential bonding system Multi-contact POAG
> Electrical connections according to IEC 320 C13/C14
> Cable management and plug-out protection

undefinedElectrical accessories

Gebäudeumbau 2010 - zoom
alegro monitor holder for standard rail

alegro - monitor holder for standard rail

You would like to place your monitor exactly at a standard rail? For this purpose we offer you our monitor holder "alegro" with attachment device.

With an ingenious and simple adjusting 2-lever mechanism, you can fix your monitor steplessly and exactly in the position you need. The upper lever serves for the adjusting of the tilt angle. With the lower lever the monitor can horizontally be pivoted and moved.

A lot of further adaption solutions for the HAEBERLE cart systems or for the wall mounting you can find in the brochure.
undefinedalegro brochure


alegro - the innovative monitor carrier system

The revolutionizing monitor carrier system “alegro” impresses by an exquisite using comfort and amazing positioning versatility.

The flexible adjustment of the monitor carrier system allows a quick and precise adaption of monitors or panel PCs for individual applications in the medicine, industry and in all technical fields.

A wealth of different adaption possibilities are listed in the type list.

undefinedalegro type list

You are looking for a special solution? Then please contact us. We like to advise you.
  +49 (0)711/78314-72 or -28.

alegro Doppelmonitoring
alegro double monitoring

toro - the strong equipment cart series in metal

toro”, the Spanish word for “bull” combines a modern design with outstanding stability. Striking push handles endorse this theme.

The modular toro equipment carts are available in widths of 45 and 63 cm and are ideal for the safe storage of large medical or electronic devices used in clinics and doctors’ practices. In the toro system, the individual carts can also be tailored to meet your specific requirements.

So why not take the "toro" by the horns and have a specially adapted model created to meet your personal needs.

More information? 

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Have we caught your interest?

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toro Notfallwagen 63
toro emergency cart 63
toro Ergometriewagen 45
toro ergometry cart 45
toro Endoskopiewagen 45
toro endoscopy cart 45

fuego - flexible equipment with “four-wheel drive” chassis fuego-cuatro

The fuego equipment cart system is the ideal solution for the safe, mobile positioning of small device combinations. The extraordinary design, functionality and flexibility are what really make this model stand out from the crowd. The system is suitable for medical applications as well as for use in the office, in conference rooms and many other locations.

A new addition to the range are the height-adjustable lift version fuego equipment carts. These models are perfect for performing activities whilst standing or seated. The chic drawer for mounting under the worktop is also a new addition. The drawer is available with or without a locking function. If you wish, you can also order a front handle for attaching to the fuego shelf.

Need more information about fuego?
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undefinedfuego brochure              

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  • fuego-cuatro ergometry cart 1
  • fuego-cuatro computer trolley
    fuego-cuatro computer trolley
  • fuego-cuatro equipment cart
    fuego-cuatro equipment cart

swingo + swingo-clinic - equipment carts and equipment carrier systems

This section gives some examples of our swingo models.

Please refer to the undefinedtype list for details.

swingo® is the high-quality wood/plastic combination
swingo®-clinic is the robust, resistant metal version

More information?
undefinedView the swingo brochure

Have we caught your interest?

Please contact us

  • swingo® Injektionswagen
    swingo® injection cart PicBox®Plus
  • swingo equipment tower 45
  • swingo® PC-Wagen für Doppelmonitoring
    swingo®-clinic 60 Double monitoring PC cart

Our marketing service

Are you planning a catalogue, an online shop, a mailshot or a special offer with HAEBERLE products? We would be happy to help you with product suggestions, texts and up-to-date image data.

We are also pleased to offer a proofreading service before you send the pages for printing. This leaves you safe in the knowledge that the information about HAEBERLE products in your catalogue or on your website is always up-to-date and correct. Should you have any questions regarding product images, data or texts, please do not hesitate to contact Sabine Gawol or Doris Geysel-Fuchs.