The robust design of the modular cart system is what really makes it stand out from the crowd; the system combines striking design with especially high stability. Its high capacity allows toro to meet the highest demands as a mobile carrier system for large device combinations. 

The toro carts in widths of 45 and 63 cm and with decorative accents in grey or blue can be adapted to suit all application fields and complemented with corresponding system components and accessories for the most diverse of applications. The toro system can also be configured to meet your personal requirements if you so wish.

Features:Chic, stable chassis, spacious 2-pillar aluminium carrier unit with integrated cable duct for perfect cable management and for mounting socket boards and accessories. Sturdy, hygienic metal shelves with rounded decorative corners, smooth drawers with self-closing feature including practical handle with a label window and convenient corner push handles.

Function:As basic cart, equipment cart, ergometry cart, endoscopy cart, emergency cart, computer cart ...and more.

Application:In clinics, rehabilitation centres and doctors' practices.

  • Variocar® + Variocar® Viva - Multipurpose trolleys
  • 08/16® - Multipurpose trolleys
  • bravo - Equipment cart system
  • swingo® + swingo® clinic - Equipment carts in wood/plastic or metal
  • keo® - ISO module and functional trolleys
  • Hospicar® + swingo-visit - Rounds and functional trolleys
  • toro - Equipment cart system
  • Halux® - Medical lamps
  • EUROSKOP® + Mediskop® - X-ray film viewers
  • PicBox® + Medi-Müll - Dispenser systems + disposal boxes
  • Picco Novo - Waste collectors and service trolleys