We are expanding our bravo® equipment cart series with further tablet cart models. The bravo® equipment cart series provides a solid basis for a myriad of practical purposes and is renowned for its sleek, lightweight design. The robust and super-mobile cast aluminium chassis combines freedom of movement with attractive design. The elegant chassis ensures excellent manoeuvrability in even the tightest of spaces.

The new bravo tablet carts have universal holders for secure fixation of a tablet and are the ideal solution for clinics, care homes or doctors’ practices to ensure that a tablet computer is always at hand. The new bravo tablet carts are equipped with an innovative tablet holder with a flex shaft for perfect attachment of a tablet computer. An innovative quad push handle makes the cart easy to push and can also be used as a standard profile rail to attach further medical equipment directly to the cart. For stationary use, the cables are guided through integrated cable ducts in the two-section aluminium carrier profile, so they are not so visible.

bravo-Ausstattung mit Tablethalter, Ablageplatte, Schiebegriff und Ablagekorb

You would like to have the tablet computer always at hand in the clinic? With their sleek, lightweight and timeless design, the new tablet carts are indispensable as a versatile tool in the daily work of clinical personnel. The new ergonomic quad push handle is extremely practical and makes it easy to push the equipment cart or attach medical accessories.

It is always of the utmost importance for us to maintain our proximity to the customer and to develop further solutions and application options. The new tablet holder solution extends the scope of application of the bravo equipment carts and provides medical personnel with further advantages in the everyday use of a tablet computer in clinics, care homes or doctors’ practices,” says Armin Smajilovic, head of Marketing & Sales / authorised signatory at HAEBERLE.

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bravo-Detailaufnahme: Tablethalterung

Innovative tablet holder with a flex shaft

bravo-Detailaufnahme: Kabelführung

Integrated cable ducts

bravo-Detailaufnahme: Fahrgestell

Robust and super-mobile cast aluminium chassis

bravo-Detailaufnahme: Schiebegriff

Ergonomic quad push handle