Advertising media

Gifts create lasting customer loyalty and increase your level of recognition.

The products listed below are perfect for use as advertising media with printed logos, as well as for attaching film stickers or labels.
On request we would be happy to provide you with a tender for advertisement printing. Special colours are also possible for bulk orders.

Medi-Müll disposal boxes 1,5 ltrs.

Made of sunshine yellow polypropylene with green lid. Offers 3 practical ways to dispose all types of cannulas,
small vacuum containers, scalpels, pipettes etc.

Height 15,2 cm
Ø of lid 14,3 cm
Ø of base 10,8 cm 16653 (carton with 100 boxes)

Stickers are perfectly suitable for the attaching of publicity!

Medi-Müll disposal boxes 1,5 ltrs.

Medi-Müll disposal boxes 2,5 ltrs.

With an extremely big slot, which can be enlarged step by step by breaking out the panels. Ideally suited for scalpels, pipettes, broken glass and small dressing materials. Offers three pracitcal ways for tearing-off all types of cannulas, even for insulin cannulas. Made of sunshine yellow polyprophylene with green lid.

Height of box 24,2 cm
Ø of lid 14,3 cm
Ø of base 10,8 cm 16654 (carton with 45 boxes)

Separately: Adhesive adapter for fixing the boxes on all surfaces or mounting for wall.

Medi-Müll disposal boxes 2,5 ltrs.

Schluckfix – cannula collector

Removal boxes, disposable for appprox. 500 used cannulas. Mounting for wall or table 04667.

5,5 x 10 x 17 cm (w x d x h) 09490 (carton with 100 boxes)

Stickers are possible in special colours if you order a higher quantity!

Schluckfix - cannula collector

TIPPFIX – swab moistener

Tap instead of pumping. Plastic housing, grey-white. Filling capacity 250 ccm.

6 x 15 x 6 cm (w x d x h)

Ref.-Nr. 09493

Ideal for the attaching of foil stickers or adhesive labels!

TIPPFIX - Tupferbefeuchter

CUPFIX – ampoule opener

The safe ampoule opener receptacle for used ampoules, removable. Wall-mounted model incl. mounting set.
Plastic housing, grey/white Diamond file springloades in a stainless steel plate. Spare diamond file 04663

7 x 15 x 20 cm (w x d x h) 09507

Imprints or stickers are possible. Special colours and prices on inquiry!

CUPFIX - ampoule opener

Snap – the universal holder

For all kinds of dispenser-boxes. Ideal for boxes of disposable gloves, tissues or wipes fixed with
double-sides adhesive tape. A spring-loaded clamp holds boxes weighing up to 1 kg ready for one-hand use.

10 x 2 x 16,5 cm (w x d x h) 15572

An ideal advertising space with a long-term effect!

Snap - the universal holder

KREPPFIX – box for tongue swabs

The dispenser box consists of a white bottom in sturdy plastic with pivot for the fixation of the tonque swab roll
and a transparent top with opening slit. The box may be fixed with 3 suction cups even on smooth surfaces.

Height 10 cm Ø 12,5 cm 04711

If desired also with advertising stickers!

KREPPFIX - box for tongue swabs

Are you searching for other products in the domain of medical science? Please ask for further informations!


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