In the new, complete catalogue, we presents our product portfolio and provide insight into the history of the company. Almost 90 years of experience in the industry and a multifaceted product range ensure the company can offer a custom cart solution for every medical application.

For every need, from A to Z: in the first full catalogue from HAEBERLE, you can now discover the entire spectrum of our comprehensive product and service range. Explore our complete range, which offers optimal cart solutions to meet every requirement. Every one of these solutions will make your work easier, more convenient and more efficient, irrespective of whether they are formed from our HABERLE Series module system, as a precisely tailored HAEBERLE SeriesPlus modular solution or as a fully customised development with HABERLE Design.

The new complete catalogue includes the entire product range, offering optimal cart solutions for any medical application. Innovative equipment cart systems from HAEBERLE make work in a clinic, rehabilitation facility or nursing home simpler, more convenient, and more efficient for medical personnel.


“In doing so, we help make handling medical devices even more efficient in a technologically-oriented world. The new, complete HAEBERLE catalogue provides an overview of different example configurations, as well as a clear summary of the different HAEBERLE product portfolios” says Armin Smajilovic, Armin Smajilovic, Marketing/Sales Manager and authorised signatory at HAEBERLE. “We are glad we can finally present this project to our customers.”

In our new catalogue you’ll get to know not only our lines and products but also HAEBERLE as a brand and company. Gain an insight into our high-quality standards, our interactive digital offerings, our services, our origins and the many areas of medical application in which our product solutions are at home. Let your curiosity lead you!

By the way, we now have an even stronger web presence for you. Because apart from the print version, you can find everything about our product portfolio in the new online catalogue. You can conveniently browse our digital version online – no matter where you find yourself.

Take a look at the new catalogue now.