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X-ray film viewers
X-ray film viewers

With its silver-grey aluminium housing and with grey decorative corners, the Mediskop series is characterised by eye-catching ultramodern light technology. A quality device with consistent illumination and film holding rails on all sides. The devices have the CE mark and comply with the DIN 6856 standard for the use of masks to cover screens.

There are two device sizes 560 and 860 to choose from, with on/off switch or also with light intensity regulation and high-frequency technology, type 560 HF.

Mediskop variants
Depening on model
Viewing surface: Width: 560 / 865 mm
Height: 435 mm
Light density: approx. 1790 to 2630 cd / qm
max. (LUX)
6200 to 7350
  • Silver-grey aluminium housing with front screen made of acrylic glass.
  • Viewing surfaces for one or two films.
  • All-around film holding rail for maximum viewing comfort.
  • Optimal uniform illumination.
  • Strain-free working due to high frequency technology (HF).
  • Front panel may be opened without screws for easy mounting.
The company HAEBERLE stands for highest quality standards which are continuously being further developed.

This certifies the audit company DQS GmbH according to the certificate registration no. 524821 MP2016.

The self-declaration certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 declares that a quality management system has been introduced and is continuously applied:
SD DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 approves that the quality management is allowed for the production of medical products:
DIN EN ISO 13485


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