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Here you can see a small range of customised OEM product solutions for different fields of application. HAEBERLE can always find the right solution, no matter what requirements you have! Please ask us! We look forward to your extra wishes!

“bravo“ KaVo - dental cart

“bravo“ KaVo - dental cart

The customized “bravo” cart for the dental sector has been designed
specifically for the KaVo surgical units MASTERsurg, EXPERTsurg
and INTRAsurg.

This project was focused towards flexible mobility, optimum utilization
of space with large storage space on a small footprint and trendy design.

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fuego - „Mediventure“ cart
by MBA-GmbH

Measuring and therapy unit for appilcation of bioenergetic system
diagnosis and therpy (especially Electro Acupuncture after Dr. Voll).
This is a naturopathic method used by doctors, dentists and natural
health professionals.

Medi-Venture cart
fuego Spineliner

fuego for „Spineliner“

fuego Plus model for the "Spineliner" from
TTC Training Trading Consulting GmbH:
– an electronic assistant for
   manual therapists.



fuego for „endoscopy 
and stroboscopy“

ATMOS GmbH offers a complete endoscopy
and stroboscopy system for the field of ENT,
integrated in a fuego cart.

fuego endoscopy and stroboscopy
fuego-cuatro bellavista

fuego-cuatro for „bellavista“
medical ventilator

imt-medical ag, Switzerland, employs a
fuego Plus for bellavista, its mobile display
for patient data, ventilator settings and
much more.

fuego CURIS®

The CURIS® fuego equipment cart was specially designed for Sutter
Medizintechnik GmbH with its stable design and anti-slip mount for the
CURIS® RF generator, a holding arm for the pedal and two wire baskets
for accessories documentation.

The CURIS® microsurgical radiofrequency generator is used in plastic
and cosmetic surgery as well as in ENT.

fuego curis