The new equipment cart series „bravo“ presents itself in a lightweight design
and is a smart and agile companion for small equipment.
Elegant, variable and reasonably priced - the “bravo” cart offers a stable base
for versatile use, wherever equipment should be mobile placed and where emphasis is put on a good style.   

Features: Super portable, lightweight chassis with an ingenious
double carrier profile and integrated cable ducts. Ideally
suited to accommodate various plates and accessories.
The optimal type for desired individualization.

Function:As a mobile light duty equipment cart with infinitely many
possible uses.

Application:In doctors' surgeries, laboratories, dental practices, clinics,
beauty studios, meeting rooms and industrial sector.

  • Variocar® + Variocar® Viva - Multipurpose trolleys
  • 08/16® - Multipurpose trolleys
  • bravo - Equipment cart system
  • swingo® + swingo® clinic - Equipment carts in wood/plastic or metal
  • keo® - ISO module and functional trolleys
  • Hospicar® + swingo-visit - Rounds and functional trolleys
  • toro - Equipment cart system
  • Halux® - Medical lamps
  • EUROSKOP® + Mediskop® - X-ray film viewers
  • PicBox® + Medi-Müll - Dispenser systems + disposal boxes
  • Picco Novo - Waste collectors and service trolleys