90 years of HAEBERLE: a journey through time with innovative strength and entrepreneurship.

The HAEBERLE success story began 90 years ago in a small workshop in Stuttgart founded by an expert surgical mechanic, Paul Haeberle, and his wife, Martha. Paul Haeberle’s skill and craftsmanship, coupled with visionary thinking, enabled the fledgling company to soon also manufacture tubular steel furniture and instrument tables for clinics and doctors’ surgeries. The recipe for success: Innovative spirit, entrepreneurial vision and meticulous attention to detail. This is how the ambitious founding couple laid the foundations for HAEBERLE’s growth.

HAEBERLE Geschäftsgebäude
HAEBERLE Geschäftsgebäude

Good ideas have a strong tradition in our company: How we became what we are.

This innovative strength has been continuing for nine decades now, because each generation has continuously developed the company with sustained innovative strength and entrepreneurial expertise. From these modest beginnings, over the decades the company has become one of the leading manufacturers of equipment trolley systems for medical technology, whose products are used worldwide. For Haeberle, the key to the company’s long-standing success is its constant ability to think outside the box and the combination of innovative product development and business acumen.

“We are proud to be a development and design partner of renowned medical product manufacturers and to create innovative equipment trolley systems with our customers.”

Bernd Hofacker, CEO

HAEBERLE: a long-standing partner for the medical technology sector.

Innovative strength has been a tradition at HAEBERLE for 90 years. In a world of changes and challenges in medical technology, our commitment, inventiveness and engineering skills make a great contribution to constantly improving our customers’ business environment. Innovative equipment trolley systems developed by HAEBERLE help to greatly enhance efficiency when working with state-of-the-art medical equipment. An important prerequisite here is a thorough understanding of the needs and high demands of our customers, which we have developed over the years.

We have had a close collaboration with users and industry for decades to integrate medical applications into equipment carrier systems. Therefore, not only are we acutely aware of the high standards of the medical technology industry, we also live them every day. We know what drives our customers and can offer individual trolley solutions that meet high-quality medical systems in every respect. This means that we can design trolleys to be a perfect fit with the appliances in terms of size, function and design, and which not only meet the high standards of the industry, but often exceed them.

We have been an innovative partner for medical technology and industry for many years, and our versatile trolley systems are now used around the world for a wide range of medical applications.