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Picco Novo

Waste collectors and service trolleys
Waste collectors and service trolleys

Linen and waste collectors, shelved trolleys and service carts for many different application areas.

Design made of steel, white aluminium, RAL 9006 powder coated or made of rust-resistant stainless steel. Optional with 1-4 collectors, with or without castors and pedal device.

Collectors for linen and waste separation, or small, wall-mountable waste collectors which can also be mounted on HAEBERLE cart systems.

In doctors‘ practices, clinics, nursing homes, hotels and offices.

picco-novo Varianten
picco-novo Varianten
picco-novo Varianten
picco-novo Varianten
Picco Novo
Exterior dimensions
Picco Novo depending
on model:
Width: 360 / 450 / 740 / 1120 mm
Depth: 360 / 800 mm
Height: 820 mm
Frame depending on model: Resilient steel, powder-coated, white-aluminium (RAL 9006) or made of stainless steel for surgical use
Picco Novo models: for 1 to 4 bags
For more detailed information on the technical details and materials, please refer to the type list.
  • Extra stable, securely soldered steel frame with spring struts for secure hold. Elegant design, white-aluminium, powder-coated (RAL 9006) or made of stainless steel.
  • Sliding security by slide stops.
  • Particularly hygienic floor design without dirt-collecting corners.
  • Castors, ∅ 50 mm with integrated thread guard.
  • Electrically conductive castors, ∅ 50 mm, available at extra cost.
  • Matching plastic cover and stainless steel pedal mechanism available on request.

The company HAEBERLE stands for highest quality standards which are continuously being further developed.

This certifies the audit company DQS GmbH according to the certificate registration no. 524821 MP2016.

The self-declaration certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 declares that a quality management system has been introduced and is continuously applied:
SD DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 approves that the quality management is allowed for the production of medical products:
DIN EN ISO 13485

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