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Electrical accessories

electrical product range
electrical product range

In addition to our various cart series, we offer a wide range of electrical accessories.

This includes modular multiple socket outlets and cabling systems, isolating transformers, equipotential bonding system, electrical connection technology, cable management and plug-out protection.

We are happy to advise you regarding the wiring and electrical equipment for your cart system.

elektro varianten
elektro Varianten
elektro Varianten
elektro Varianten

For information on the product-related technical details please refer to the type list of electrical accessories

  • Standard multiple socket outlets with 3 to 8 plug connectors in various country-specific versions
  • Medical multiple socket outlets with 4 or 6 plugs and plug-out protection.
  • Modular multiple socket outlets with 2 to 6 plug connectors in various country-specific versions and cable systems for individual solutions.
  • Central on/off switch for different placements to equipment cart fuego, toro and swingo.
  • Isolating transformers, either standing devices or undermounting devices for HAEBERLE equipment carts.
  • LAN isolator, insulation monitor and MultiContact POAG system.

The company HAEBERLE stands for highest quality standards which are continuously being further developed.

This certifies the audit company DQS GmbH according to the certificate registration no. 524821 MP2016.

The self-declaration certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 declares that a quality management system has been introduced and is continuously applied:
SD DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 approves that the quality management is allowed for the production of medical products:
DIN EN ISO 13485

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