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ISO module and functional trolley
ISO module and functional trolley

The modern, mobile trolley series with infinite version possibilities and clean lines with colourful accents is ergonomic, perfected suited to its function and practical for many treatment applications. The thoroughly thought-out, practice-orientated organisational system offers free work space.

Select your keo functional trolley in matching colours, heights, with metal work surfaces or a tilted plastic shelf, with high-quality, lockable roller blinds also available with drawers or ISO module full-pull-outs, filing cabinets and more.

Modular trolley system in different colour combinations with resistant frame made of high-quality, coated sheet steel. The 4 chic aluminium carrier units are perfect for mounting all sorts of accessories.
As dressing and treatment trolleys, ISO module trolleys, anaesthesia trolleys emergency trolleys and more.
In clinics, rehabilitation centres and doctors’ practices.
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Korpus-Maße: Breite: ca. 770 mm
Tiefe: ca. 580 mm
Höhe: ca. 913 / 1041 / 1169 mm
Gesamtbreite: 800 mm inklusive Schiebegriff und Wandabweisern
Gesamttraglast: bis ca. 130 kg
Traglast pro
Arbeitsplatte, Metall:
bis ca. 20 kg
Auszugsplatte, Metall: bis ca. 10 kg
Planungshilfe für keo
Ausführliche Angaben zu technischen Details und Materialien finden Sie in der Typenliste.
  • Robust, resilient metal design with galvanized, high-quality epoxy resin powder-coated sheet steel. Disinfectant-resistant, easy-to-clean and light-resistant. Free of drumming due to single-tray construction.
  • 4 chic, anodised aluminium carrier units for mounting accessories. Accessories can also be added retrospectively.
  • All module full-pull-outs are provided with an inset frame suitable for all conventional ISO module baskets. The pull-out can be pulled out up to approx. 110% so that the module contents can be removed conveniently
    and easily.
  • Work surfaces optionally made of grey ABS plastic with raised edge, made of stainless steel with surge edge or powder-coated metal with lateral pull-out.
  • All drawers can also be fully pulled out to 110%.
  • The inset frames and drawers run smoothly on ball bearing-supported telescopic guide runners with a self-closing feature.
  • All trolleys have high-quality smoothly running castors as standard. Ø 125 mm, with two brakes and with wall guards.
  • All trolleys are fitted with an elegant push handle as standard.

The company HAEBERLE stands for highest quality standards which are continuously being further developed.

This certifies the audit company DQS GmbH according to the certificate registration no. 524821 MP2016.

The self-declaration certificate DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 declares that a quality management system has been introduced and is continuously applied:
SD DIN EN ISO 9001:2015

The certificate DIN EN ISO 13485:2016 approves that the quality management is allowed for the production of medical products:
DIN EN ISO 13485

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