The year is drawing to a close, and the holidays are almost here. The last year was an eventful and turbulent one, but was ultimately a success thanks to all of you. It is time to say thanks!

Thank you very much for the trust and loyalty you have shown us, as well as your successful partnership and collaboration. This year, we were able to complete multiple projects with your help – from a simple equipment cart to a complex cart system optimally tailored to your mechanical applications. the result is always a HAEBERLE cart that fits its application and environment with perfection.

The new, complete HAEBERLE catalogue was another milestone for us this year. We worked together across departments to create the complete HAEBERLE catalogue, in order to present our diverse and comprehensive range of products and services to you. We hope that you are just as pleased with the new complete catalogue as we are.

We also hope you enjoy a restful and wonderful Christmas holiday with your friends and family, filled with joy, laughter, love, and beautiful memories of all you experienced in 2022. This Christmas, we also want to express our hope for peace and common humanity all over the world. We are aware that many people find themselves in difficult circumstances.

Once again this year, we are foregoing Christmas gifts and instead supporting the police road safety education project in the Stuttgart area. HAEBERLE wants to take part in the project to ensure even the smallest road users are well-equipped.

We look forward to expanding our collaboration next year, and carrying out additional projects with you.

We wish you a great start to the new year! We hope the next year will be full of wonderful experiences for you, and that you will enjoy it in good health and good cheer.


Your HAEBERLE team