Stuttgart – HAEBERLE is proud to announce the market launch of moveo®. This sophisticated single-column system is the company’s response to the growing demands of medical facilities, and combines functionality with outstanding design. In short, the sleek, flexible and future-proof cart system offers the perfect platform for high-end medical devices.

moveo® is characterised by subtle, clean lines and a harmonious design. The new cart system is a reliable solution to the challenges of everyday medical life, both great and small. A cart system that serves as an optimal interface between medical devices and the user, which ensures smoother and easier workflows and that allows medical professionals to focus on the important task: their patients and their treatment. Even when fully loaded, the cart system is easy to manoeuvre and seamlessly integrates the various medical devices. The ergonomic handling ensures easy efficient operation in routine medical practices.

“Users who are looking for a flexible, highly customisable cart system that also fulfils the highest standards of design, will find the suitable product at moveo® . moveo® is a cart system that meets the demands of the premium medical systems produced by medical technology manufacturers in every respect” says Armin Smajilovic, Vice President at HAEBERLE.

The flexible cart system is ideal for diverse medical applications, from ergometry, endoscopy and high-frequency surgery to shockwave therapy, ultrasound, anaesthesia and much more. moveo® is ideally equipped for all requirements with its high load capacity of up to 80 kg and an optimal balance of stability and mobility. A range of well-designed features, including a side door for cable integration and fully extendable drawers with ISO modular baskets, again emphasise HAEBERLE’s claim as a leading developer of premium, functional products.

Another smart technical detail is the patent-pending silicone door connection profile. “The side door has been designed down to the minutest detail, and the silicone door connection profile with a sealed, hygienic fit, ensures protection against dust and splashes. The special feature is that the cable entry in the door connection profile is infinitely variable, while also guaranteeing protection against dust and splashes” says Matthias Merz, Head of Development and Technology at HAEBERLE.

With moveo® , HAEBERLE has devised a perfect solution for the multi-faceted requirements of the healthcare sector: The cart system is designed to be retrofitted and converted at any time and can easily adapt to changing conditions. Battery systems will also be integrated in future.

moveo® is a quality product “made in Germany” with an excellent price-performance ratio, even in small quantities. For more information, images or requests for interviews, please contact:

Nicole Stark
Marketing & Communication
Tel. +49 (0)711 / 78314-17


For 90 years, HAEBERLE has been an innovative partner producing custom cart systems. Our versatile cart systems for different medical applications are used all over the world today. With our wide range of standard products, around 28,000 different solutions can be configured, including equipment trolleys, rounds trolleys and ward trolleys, complemented by a full range of accessories.

In order to adapt our cart systems to our customer’s high-quality medical products, we have already developed individual solutions for countless renowned companies. In both function and design, they are precisely adapted to the respective requirements. We also set the highest quality standards in production. Our company is, of course, certified according to DIN EN ISO 13485:2016.